Corporate and Event Services

In the workplace:
Seated Acupressure massage is ideally suited to the workplace, as it is received through the clothes, it targets the main areas of stress for the office worker, the back, neck, arms and shoulders and appointments can be as short as 20 minutes.

At an Event:
Do you want to make your event one to remember or ensure your exhibition stand stands out from the rest? Having a seated acupressure therapist on-site can make all the difference.

Free Trial:
If you are interested in having a free trial of the massage to see whether it would be suitable for your workplace or event, then please Contact Me for more information.

on-site revival testimonials

"On-Site massage is a popular and cost effective benefit for staff. We have found On-Site Revival to be very friendly and professional and was a great way to show our appreciation to our hardworking staff. We were pleased with the positive reaction from the staff to the service, we would recommend both the massage and On-Site Revival with no hesitation."
Misty McCrory/Alison Taylor - HR, The Unique Pub Company

"On-Site Revival have been providing services to Lilac Bay for some time now. They are wholly committed to their service and our clients can only say positive things about them. They always approach assignments positively and their commitment to holistic well-being makes them an invaluable part of the Lilac Bay team"
Cathryn Pearce, Managing Director, Lilac Bay Ltd

"Our Staff say On-Site Revival is excellent value for their money. Its great to have some on-site relief and its so invigorating it sets you up to the rest of the day"
Sharon Kendrick, Guinness Trust